Is your child going to be absent from school today?

Please complete the form below.

The form must be completed each day that your child is absent.

If it is consecutive days in a row for the same reason, just submit 1 form and notate the dates of absences. 

  • Please note that if a student has more than 3 consecutive day’s absent due to personal illness they must bring a doctor’s note verifying the illness that caused the student’s extended absence from school.

All absences MUST be submitted with documentation to support the absence. 

** If it is a COVID related absence, you only need to submit the form on that first day along with the required documentation (Dr's Note and Positive Test Results).

Information you'll need to know in order to submit absence form:

  • Date of Absence
  • Parent / Guardian Name
  • Parent / Guardian Phone Number
  • Student Name
  • Student ID Number
  • Reason for Absence
  • Documentation to support absence

CLICK HERE to Report your Child Absent

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