Reyes Uniform Policy
Reyes Uniform Policy

Reyes Elementary Uniform Policy


Students have a choice of either a t-shirt or a polo shirt with the school logo, in the school colors of dark red (cardinal), charcoal (dark) gray or Texas (dark) orange. Tops/shirts may be tucked in or untucked.
All slacks must be in good repair, no holes. Students are not required to wear belts, but may not wear pants that “sag”. Jeans/slacks: choice of blue or black jeans, various washes (dark or light blue or black) acceptable. Slacks: choice of black, blue, khaki, or gray. Cargo pockets are allowed.

Shorts should measure to the length of the students’ mid fingers when they are standing up. These can be in the same colors as the pants and jeans. Cargo pockets are allowed.

Skirts are allowed and should measure to be no shorter than the length of the students’ mid-fingers when they are standing up. These can be in the same colors as the pants and jeans –blue, black, gray or khaki.

Jumper Dresses
Girls can wear uniform jumper dresses in blue, black, gray or khaki.

Girls tights/leggings should be black, white, or in the school colors.

Students may choose the style and colors of shoes that are worn, with the exception of flip flops, high heels, or any other shoe that cannot be safely worn around the school for P.E. and other activities.

Cold Weather Apparel
Students may purchase/wear any outer jacket of their choosing. Hoodies/Sweatshirts may only be in the school colors, but may have either the school logo, no logo at all, or may have a symbol (brand logo) on it. Shirts worn under uniform polos/t-shirts or cardigans worn over the uniform should be black, white, or the school colors.